Thank You for another wonderful Buffalo Mass Mob

We’ve said this before, but we really never know what to expect with each Mass Mob. Generally speaking, sure, it’s a Mass. What we don’t know is how everything is going to go — each parish is different, each priest is different. Holy Spirit Parish has its own vibe. Mass Mob 43 included a pirate reference during the homily, ARRR 🏴‍☠️. Click here to read about it stands for. The parishioners were warm and welcoming and excited have Mass Mobbers there.

Thank you to Parish family for hosting us. Thank you to Pastor Rev. David Richards for beautifully and energetic celebration of Mass.

Here’s the Lord’s Prayer from the Mass:

Thank you to all of you Mass Mobbers out there who continue to show up when we organize Mass Mobs. They are only successful because of your support.

Also, thank you for generously showing some love to the Holy Spirit Food Pantry.

Some of what was donated today to the Holy Spirit Food Pantry

We will be announcing Buffalo Mass Mob 44 soon. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Thank You for another wonderful Buffalo Mass Mob


    Thank you for arranging the Mass. It was wonderful and there was such a great reception afterwards. Lots of nice parish people and lots of homemade food! Good job !

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