Thank you, Buffalo – Mass Mob 41 was wonderful

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, the Buffalo Mass Mob descended on St. Martin de Porres Church on Buffalo’s East Side for its forty first mob. The mass was wonderful. The parish community was excited to have us come to church there, and we were excited to be there.

Each Mass Mob we have done is uniquely different. A lot of that stems from the personality each community has. Between the church’s Gospel Choir and Father Butch Mazur (Temporary Administrator) dynamic personality, there was a great energy to the mass.

Thank you, Buffalo! Thank you, St. Martin de Porres parish community. Thank you to everyone who brought items to support the St. Lawrence Pantry.

In the next few weeks, we should have plans for Buffalo Mass Mob 42 in place. Stay tuned.

Here are some videos from Mass Mob 41.

The Lord’s Prayer – Buffalo Mass Mob 41
Song after Communion at Buffalo Mass Mob 41 @ St. Martin de Porres Church in Buffalo
Special Moment From Buffalo Mass Mob 41 @ St. Martin de Porres Church In Buffalo

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