Thank you, Buffalo! Mass Mob 38 at Corpus Christi was a success

When we first started Buffalo Mass Mob over eight years ago, we thought getting an extra 50 to 75 people coming to a Mass Mob would be a success. Fast forward to 2021, we are amazed at the continued support received from the Buffalo and Western New York community. Because in the end, without your support, Buffalo Mass Mob would never be the success it is.

Thank you to the Corpus Christi Parish Community and their Pastor Fr. Michał Czyżewski for being such wonderful hosts for our first Mass Mob since before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Churches like Corpus Christi are why we do this. It’s an amazing historic house of worship which has served Buffalo’s East Side since 1898.

Here is the Lord’s Prayer from Buffalo Mass Mob 38.

We will be making an announcement soon as to where Buffalo Mass Mob 39 will be…stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Buffalo! Mass Mob 38 at Corpus Christi was a success

  1. Mary Rice

    Buffalo Mass Mob,
    Thank you for arranging the event at Corpus Christi Church. The church is beautiful. I also always enjoy these events when you schedule them with a festival being held at the parish on that weekend. We enjoyed the chicken BBQ and Polish cultural festival after the Mass at Corpus Christi Parish.

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