Last Minute Details for Mass Mob 38 @ Corpus Christi Church

First off, the Buffalo Mass Mob group (Danielle Huber, Christopher Byrd, Greg Witul and Arthur Kogutowski) thanks you for your continued support in helping make Mass Mobbing a success. After a year and a half of Covid-19, we are happy to start Mass Mobbing again. This is the second time Buffalo Mass Mob is visiting Corpus Christi Church. The first time was in August of 2015. The Mass is part of Corpus Christi’s 42nd Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival.

Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXXVII

The Sunday, September 12 Mass starts promptly at 11:00am. As usual, we suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning.

Directions.The church is located at 199 Clark St.

Parking. There is a lot right past the church on the left and ample street parking around the church. You can also use Broadway Market lot a block west (short walk) of the church.

Church website,

Church Facebook page,

The church is really excited to host Mass Mob. We are excited to come.

The church’s annual Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival continues after Mass in the Sears Street Hall directly behind the church.

See you on Sunday! Any questions, please contact us by clicking here—>

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