Buffalo Mass Mob XVI will be at Holy Family Church

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Join us for Buffalo Mass Mob XVI at South Buffalo’s Holy Family Church on Sunday, June 5th, 2016 – 11:30am Mass.

Holy Family Church was founded in 1902 to serve the quick growing neighborhoods being established on the south side of the Buffalo River. The church building was erected in 1907 and is of Romanesque architecture. The interior wails were painted a plain color with only a minimum of decoration on them for relief effect. Then in 1912, Holvag Rambush, a noted Danish artist, came to the parishioners of the church and asked for the commission to paint the walls. In a 1935 Courier Express article, Holy Family Church is said to be the only church in the United States that featured authentic ancient Irish art motifs for its interior decoration. The murals and decorations of the sanctuary were copied from the famous Book of Kells, which was hand printed and illuminated in the Eighth Century and is now in the library of Trinity College, Dublin. Decorative panels in the nave of the church were taken from the ancient book of manuscripts known as the Book of Lindisfarne, named for the island off the coast of England which in the early Christian era was a missionary center for Irish monks. As Holy Family, and South Buffalo grew, in the years since its inception in 1902 four other churches sprung to life to address the needs of an increasing population.

Holy Family Church is now part of the Our Lady of Charity Parish. It is located at 1901 South Park Avenue at the corner of Tifft Street.

Website: http://ourladyofcharityparish.com/

Buffalo Mass Mob will release more details about Mass Mob XVI as the date approaches.

Holy Family Trailer Video


One thought on “Buffalo Mass Mob XVI will be at Holy Family Church

  1. David Nowinski

    We will  be visiting Buffalo our Hometown in September, can you advise if there will be a Mass Mob during that month….Thank you RIDE SAFE  SHARE THE ROAD WITH MOTORCYCLISTS                            DAVID & JOANI

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