Thank You, Buffalo! Photos from Mass Mob XV at Holy Cross

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With each and every Mass Mob, we continue to be blown away by the support we receive from the Buffalo and Western New York community. We are also blown away by the passion and energy each church puts into hosting a Mass Mob.

Sunday’s Mass was incredible at Holy Cross Church. The parish community is a diverse mix of people with roots from all over the world. It still serves the local Italian-American community it was established for, but also people with origins in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and South America, Asia and Africa. The music during Mass reflected this with songs in different languages.

Thank you, Buffalo! And thank you, Holy Cross Church! Each Mass Mob is distinctly different. We are happy we can bring a large groups of people to Buffalo’s historic churches to celebrate together and give each one support.

Here are photos from Buffalo Mass Mob XV by Arthur Kogutowski:

(click on images to for full view and open gallery)

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