Final Round of Voting for the Second Buffalo Mass Mob Begins

With the very successful First Buffalo Mass Mob at Saint Adalbert Basilica in the books, we decided to ask ask the public to submit suggestions to choose the church we are going to attend on January 12, 2014.  Through our website, people made hundreds of suggestions.  From the churches submitted, we took the top three and will now have a final round of voting.

The final round of voting begins for the January 12, 2014 Buffalo Mass Mob.  The three churches who received the most votes in the first round were Saint Clare, Corpus Christi and Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


Originally established in 1875 as St. Stephen’s Parish as the population of South Buffalo exploded, Saint Clare Parish was formed in 2007 with the merging St. Stephen, Holy Apostles Peter & Paul, SS. Rita & Patrick, St. Valentine and Precious Blood into the church located at 193 Elk Street in Buffalo.


Corpus Christi at 199 Clark Street in Buffalo was established in 1898 by Fr. Hyacinth Fudzinski, a Franciscan Conventual friar, to accommodate a rapidly growing Polish immigrant community in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of Buffalo. The original church was an existing frame house that immediately became too small for the ever-increasing congregation. A second church/school building with a seating capacity for 1,000 also was outgrown within 10 years of its construction. The cornerstone for the current church was laid in 1907.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help at 115 O’Connell Street in Buffalo was formed as the population in the South Park/Louisiana Street area increased, the Catholic Diocese perceived a need for a third church presence there. Consequently, the Bishop, J. E. Quigley, designated that a new parish be formed within the boundaries of St. Stephen’s on Elk Street and St. Brigid’s on Fulton Appointing Rev. R. C. O’Connell to organize it, in March, 1897, he purchased the site on which the church stands. The Bishop placed the cornerstone in November, with the basement completed, the congregation began holding services there. On 21 March, 1900 Bishop Quigley formally dedicated the completed structure.

Our whole goal with the Buffalo Mass Mob is to bring some attention to Buffalo’s historic churches and to remind people how valuable they are and their need to be supported.

Voting for the final church will end on December 17, 2013.

Please vote using the form below:

Thank you for your support!

Please share this page! If you have any questions, please contact us.

3 thoughts on “Final Round of Voting for the Second Buffalo Mass Mob Begins

  1. Kathleen Byrns Mendola

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help is the perfect choice for the Mass Mob. With all that’s going on on the waterfront the Old First Ward is on the cusp of a much deserved and long awaited resurgence. The neighborhood was built by hearty Irish settlers who began their lives in shanties on Times beach. As they prospered they build homes in the area that’s lovingly known as “The Ward”. The people of the area are extremely loyal and protective of their territory. They successfully fought off a proposal to place the zoo down there. At the time I thought they were crazy to pass up such a great opportunity. I now realize it was a brilliant move; it would have been much too commercial a venture for such a small residential area. On the other hand, the development of the waterfront is much more subtle and holds a great deal of promise for bringing back some of the things that were lost to the residents. Throughout the peaks and valleys of life in “The Ward” PETS, as it is affectionately known to the natives, has stood as a beacon of hope. The church, because of the strength and determination of its people, has dodged the diocesan butcher block and remained intact amongst much turmoil. The water, the grain elevators and the church, along with it’s people are gems that need to be shared with those not familiar with the small slice of life built on the backs of strong and tenacious Irishmen. It’s a place I am proud to say I am from. Growing up there was a wonderful experience and Our Lady of Perpetual Help was the center of it all for me. I fondly remember weekly Mass, May Crowning, Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent, First Communion, Confirmation and 7 am Mass every day during Lent. Sadly, the school is gone. But I fondly remember the Franciscan Sisters and the many lessons they taught us; academic, religious and life in general. To this day when making decisions about life, faith or even where and when to use punctuation or grammar; when to use who or whom, me or I and other such things, I remember the Sisters’ instructions and tips for remembering which is correct.

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