Buffalo Mass Mob turns 30 as it heads to St. Adalbert Basilica


When Buffalo Mass Mob started five years ago, our expectations were to get fifty to a hundred people to show up to our Mass Mobs. Our first at St. Adalbert Basilica did substantially better that. Our second at Our Lady of Perpetual Help packed the church full. Our third at St. John Kanty did the same. That’s when we knew that we were truly onto something that was bigger than we expected. From there, our group has been packing the pews in and around Buffalo since then. You can find a list of all of our Mass Mobs by clicking here.

To celebrate our thirtieth Mass Mob and five year anniversary, we are going back to St. Adalbert Basilica on Saturday, Novemeber 3rd, 2018 for the church’s annual Mass of Remembrance at 5:30pm. It is almost exactly five years to the day when we held our first there.

The Mass of Remembrance is an opportunity to remember those who have passed on. You can participate by ordering a candle from the church. You can include a name of a departed loved one on the candle when ordering. The candles will be available at the church prior to Mass for pickup. During the service, each name that has been submitted to the church will be read aloud. At that time, people who ordered a candle will be asked to bring their candle(s) up to the altar. The candles will be placed around the altars of the church. It is a beautiful ceremony. You can download a candle form by clicking here. The Mass will also feature the wonderful voice of soprano vocalist Brittany Mruczek, accompanied by Steve Kroczynski on guitar.

There will be a reception after Mass in the back of the church. It will be a great chance to walk around the church and mingle with people from St. Adalbert’s.

Saint Adalbert Basilica

St. Adalbert Basilica is only open to the public a handful of times a year. Mass Mob XXX will be a great opportunity to experience this truly special place. It is located at 212 Stanislaus Street in East Buffalo.

Part of what Buffalo Mass Mob does is help raise money for missions or charities connected to the churches we come to. We’ve selected the Response to Love Center (RTLC). We selected the RTLC because it located on the campus of the church in the church’s former school. The RTLC has served Buffalo’s East Side since 1985 with a variety of programs. 100% of proceeds goes to the RTLC. What we are doing is selling a t-shirt with our Buffalo Mass Mob logo on the front and a listing of all of our Mass Mobs on the back. To find out more about the organization, click here.


People have been asking us to sell our t-shirts again. This is a great way to commemorate our five year anniversary and to help a wonderful organization.

To order, click here. The sale is for two weeks only.

To find out more about St. Adalbert Basilica, visit the church’s website.


Facebook event page for Mass Mob XXX:


Here is a video slideshow promoting Mass Mob XXX:




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