The Buffalo Mass Mob is heading to Buffalo’s First Presbyterian Church


The Buffalo Mass Mob is headed to Buffalo’s First Presbyterian Church on Sunday, October 9, 2016 for 10:00 AM service.

Founded in 1812, First Presbyterian Church was the first faith community in Buffalo. The congregation has worshiped in its magnificent building on Symphony Circle since the late nineteenth century. Greg Witul, Buffalo Mass Mob organizer, “Besides its historic and architectural significance, First Presbyterian is one of Buffalo’s great repositories of stained glass. The Ascension window by the Ford Company is a rare example of stained glass that was manufactured using mercury, while the ethereal light of the New Jerusalem window produced by Tiffany Studios truly captures Ezekiel’s vision of the City of God.”

This is the eighteenth Mass Mob the group has staged since it was founded in 2013. The effort was established to help struggling inner city churches fill their pews. The concept is simple. Buffalo Mass Mob picks a church and asks the public to come en masse to worship on a selected Sunday. This gives visitors a chance to see and experience a historic Buffalo house of worship while giving the host church a boost in the pews and the collection basket. The group has received press from all over the world for their efforts.

Mass Mob XVIII will feature tours of First Presbyterian Church starting at 9:15 AM before service and then after by local historic tour organization Explore Buffalo. Buffalo Mass Mob is also asking people attending to bring a item for the church’s Lyon Food Pantry, in honor of former pastor Geri Lyon. Please bring either rice, cereal, pasta, pasta sauce, beans, tuna, mac & cheese, soup, canned vegetables or toilet paper for the bags the pantry distributes.

Buffalo Mass Mob is open to all and the public is invited to attend.

First Presbyterian Church is located at One Symphony Circle, Buffalo, New York 14201. More information about the church can be found at More information about Buffalo Mass Mob can be found at

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