Mass Mob XVII will be at St. Margaret’s Church on August 7th


Buffalo Mass Mob is excited to announce that Mass Mob XVII will be held on Sunday, August 7th, 2016 at St. Margaret Church’s 9:30am Mass. St. Margaret’s is located at 1395 Hertel Ave in the heart of North Buffalo.

Please share with your family and friends, and save the date for Buffalo Mass Mob XVII.

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Here’s the history of St. Margaret Church from the parish’s website:

In the fall of 1916, Most ReverendDennis Dougherty, fifth Bishop of Buffalo purchaced nine acres of land in the north section of the City for a parish to meet the needs of the people in an area that showed promis of rapid grouth. The tract was bounded by Hertel, Saranac, Linden, and North Park. The purchase price was $ 45,000 covered by a bank motgage.

On December 6th, 1916, Reverend Thomas J. Timmons was appointed first pastor and founder of the new parish, Bishop Dougherty wanted in this area. The name chosen was suggested by Father Timmons. He recalled a wish expressed by the late Bishop Colton to name the next parish after his beloved sister Mrs. Margaret Bingham, deceased and St. Margaret of Scotland. Bishop Daugherty was pleased and graciusly gratified Bishop Colton’s desires.

The area that was picked was found to be a swamp on Fr. Timmons first visit to the site. The streets marking the boundries were nothing more then mud lanes having no sidewalks, water mains or sewerage. In his anxiety to have the modern equipment of every kind installed in the area, Father Timmons assumed the burden of the debt.

On Sunday, December 10, the announcement was made in the Cathedrail that Father Timmons was appointed to the new parish and on the following Thursday, December 14th, 1916 those few in the vacinity saw wagons loaded with lumber drive up to the vacant site and unload. At noon of that day a force of carpenters, under the direction of Charles Fimiani began contruction of the first little church erected in exactly fifty hours on the Southwest corner of Hertel and North Park Avenue.

As happens in Buffalo almost every year a blizzard hit on the monring of December 15th, the workers tried and tried but at Father Timmons request work was halted at noon on Saturday, December 16. Mr. Fimiani and Mrs. Adolpgh Yung, Father Timmons first convert who brought steaming pots of coffee gave arguements but the work was stopped. The storm raged on until Wednesday, December 20. Then they returned under adverse conditions. The men shoveled and swept away the accumulated piles of snow and began the construction of the church. On December 23 about 10:30 PM the work was finished.

More information about St. Margaret Church can be found by visiting their website.

We will see you in August!

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