Buffalo Mass Mob XIII: Some Photos, A Video, and Thank You


One thing is clear since Buffalo Mass Mob started in 2013, every church where we bring Mass Mob to is truly a unique experience. It’s wonderful to worship together with the different church communities around Buffalo. It’s also wonderful to see how each parish celebrates Mass. And it’s also wonderful to bring people together from all over Buffalo and Western New York to experience Mass in a place they never have been to.

Mass Mob XIII at Saint Katharine Drexel Parish’s Church of Saint Francis of Assisi on the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi was wonderful. The choir infused Mass with a selection diverse of music. Rev. James Monaco delivered a fantastic sermon based on the teachings of  Saint Francis. At one point, he pointed to a stained glass window depicting Saint Francis preaching to birds and noted the diversity of them and related it to the crowd at Mass by using the words of Saint Francis, “We are all creatures of one family.” For those have never been to Saint Katharine Drexel before, the church is adorned with stained glass windows depicting the life and teaching of Saint Francis. They are beautiful.

Thank you, Buffalo! The Mass Mobs are only a success because you come and support them. We have to admit that our organizers are very nervous each time Sunday rolls around for a Mass Mob. Because of the organic nature in how the Masses are organized through social media, etc., we never know how many people will show up. But you come! And that is a blessing. As with all our previous Mass Mobs, Saint Katharine Drexel definitely got a boost Sunday! We brought some BuffaLOVE to LOVEjoy!

We also want to thank the Saint Katharine Drexel parish community for being such a great host. It was easy setting up Mass Mob XIII with them and they were fantastic on Sunday.

Photos: Shot by Buffalo Mass Mob organizer Arthur Kogutowski
(click on images for full view and open gallery)

Video: Saint Katharine Drexel Choir “O’ Sinfuni Mungu” (Swahili Song)

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