Photos: Buffalo Mass Mob XII at Corpus Christi Church

If pictures could talk…

Well, these do.

Once again, we were completely blown away by the response to Buffalo Mass Mob. Our twelfth edition at Corpus Christi Church brought hundreds of people to show a some love to this East Buffalo treasure.

Enjoy the pictures below. The were taken by Arthur Kogutowski who is part of Mass Mob team and really capture this past Sunday in all its glory.

(click on images for full view)

One thought on “Photos: Buffalo Mass Mob XII at Corpus Christi Church

  1. Lola Yap

    Dear Christopher, Thank you for the beautiful photos and your devotion to the Mass Mob. I will remember you in my prayers. If I were not so far I would attend each and every one, but I am in South Carolina. Bravo! Madelyn Yap

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