Buy a T-Shirt for Mass Mob IX and Help Blessed Trinity Church


Buffalo Mass Mob is trying something new with Mass Mob IX at Blessed Trinity.

Since we started, people have been asking us to have some type of keepsake for each. As our focus is to help the church we are going to Mass Mob as much as we can, our group didn’t want to sell things that would take away from that. After exploring  a number of different ideas, we decided to partner up with to sell t-shirts to commemorate our Mass Mobs going forward.

How it works…before each Mass Mob, we are going to sell t-shirts online that people can order and have mailed to them prior to the upcoming Mass. 100% of the profits will be mailed directly to the church. T-shirts will be delivered via mail about a week before the Mass Mob.

Our goal is to sell 50 shirts for the upcoming Mass Mob at Blessed Trinity. If we reach this goal, Blessed Trinity will receive over $500. It is easy and simple. The deadline to purchase is 02/28/2015.

Please considering buying a shirt and helping Blessed Trinity.

You can follow this link for info and to order!

Please share! Thank you!

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