Artvoice: The Mass Mob movement energizes the Catholic Church


(By Alan Oberst – Buffalo Mass Mob Co-Founder) Believe it or not, it’s been just over a year since the first Buffalo Mass Mob, initiated by Chris Byrd of Broadway-Fillmore Alive, which took its inspiration, in part, from Chris Smith’s Buffalo Cash Mob for small business. As one of the four Buffalo Mass Mob organizers (the other two being Greg Witul and Danielle Huber), I can attest that it’s been kind of a wild ride. Going viral, the Mass Mob movement has garnered national and international attention, including October features on NPR and on the front page of the New York Times, inspiring people in other cities to organize their own. Over a thousand people attended September’s Buffalo Mass Mob at Assumption Church in Black Rock. Over the last year, the effort has also raised over $30,000 for the churches it has visited. Mass Mobs in Detroit and Hamtramck have drawn as many as two thousand participants.

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