Thank You Buffalo for Making Mass Mob VI a Huge Success


As each Mass Mob Day arrives, we are filled with nervous excitement. Why? We never know how many people are going to show up. When Buffalo Mass Mob started in 2013, our hope was to draw 50 to 100 people. What happened over the last year is something that leaves us humbled. That something is you Buffalo. And you did it again on Sunday at Assumption Church. One thousand people filled the pews. It prompted this comment from church pastor Rev. Richard Jedrzejewski, “This is what the church looked like every Sunday 50 years ago.”

The Mass and the church were electric yesterday. The Assumption parish community were great hosts.

The way Buffalo Mass Mob has evolved in drawing people from all over the city and Western New York has also created a wonderful sense of community and a new appreciation for Buffalo’s incredible churches. This is at the core of why we started Mass mobbing.

It is hard to measure the impact of what we are doing. But the boost Assumption church received yesterday in tangible and intangible ways was wonderful.

We will be announcing the location of Buffalo Mass Mob VII soon…stay tuned.

Here is a video from Buffalo Mass Mob VI. We will be posting pictures pictures during the week.

5 thoughts on “Thank You Buffalo for Making Mass Mob VI a Huge Success

  1. Sandra

    Assumption Church was my first Mass Mob. It was beautiful and I can’t wait for the next one.
    Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event.

    1. Cindy maciolek

      The Assumption Church faith community was thrilled to have so many people join us! Thank you for filling our church and gathering to support us afterwards! We enjoyed preparing for the day and were eager to show off our church building, as well as to share our prayers and Mass celebration with all of you. We are glad to hear that so many people enjoyed being with us.

  2. Alexandra McGeary

    I was touched and moved to see the beautiful church filled with people. The music was wonderful!, but what has happened to all our old hymns, not songs as the music was referred to. I miss the old hymns too. I have been to other massmob masses, but something was different. I came into the pew and knelt down. In front of me two women were talking continuously, like they were not in church. The women next to me kept using her phone and reading email and the man in front pulled out a newspaper to read during mass. The church was a din of noise and talk while beautiful music played. What has happened to silence and prayer before mass. I was wishing a nun would appear to remind people they were in church and to pray and be respectful. I was delighted to see the men helping to find parking for the attendees. The greeters at the door looked happy and generally it was a wonderful time to be in church. I was pleased to see the International procession and the priest who said mass was warm and encouraging. God surely came down and blessed all the people. I can not wait to go to another mass.

  3. I was baptized here in 1949. My parents were living on Grote Street in Black Rock, were there was a small Polish community, nothing in size like Kaisertown. Eventually they moved to Kaisertown and we joined St Casimir’s, which I hear will be the next mob. We moved on to St Bernard’s after relocating to Cheektowaga.

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