Thank You Buffalo For Making Mass Mob IV a Success!

Buffalo Mass Mob team with Rev. Angelo Chimera and Marybeth Jaskowiak at All Saints. (Left to right Greg Witul, Danielle Huber, Rev. Angelo Chimera, Marybeth Jaskowiak, Christopher Byrd and Alan Oberst)

Thank you to everyone who came out to Buffalo Mass Mob IV. As was the case with all of our previous Mass Mobs, we were humbled by the response. The Mass Mobs are successful because of the people who come out an attend the Mass and the churches who have embraced hosting.

The Mass at All Saints Church was beautiful. There is a an energy that we have become accustomed to witnessing at all of the Mass Mobs. The sense of community and faith coupled with the diverse crowd of attendees create a special moment in time for each Mass. At the center of it all is the church.

Buffalo’s historic churches provide for a fantastic backdrop to worship. This is at the core of why we created Buffalo Mass Mob. In a way, it is no different than people who travel to experience Mass at holy places all around the country or the world. Buffalo has incredible churches. We want people to experience them in their intended purpose. By showcasing the various churches the Mass Mob will take place at, it strikes home the idea of how important they are to Buffalo and the need to support them.

Buffalo Mass Mob will announce plans for Mass Mob V within a couple of week. Stay tuned.

Here is a short video of scenes from Buffalo Mass Mob IV.

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