Buffalo Mass Mob IV at All Saints Church in Riverside


Buffalo Mass Mob


Buffalo Mass Mob IV will take place on Sunday, June 1, 2014 in Riverside at All Saints Church’s 11:00am Mass. The church was selected by public voting on the Buffalo Mass Mob website to host the fourth Mass Mob.

The Mass Mob concept started here in Buffalo in 2013 has grown nationally with similar efforts taking place in cities such as Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Cleveland, and Rochester. It has also been covered in media across the country and world.

The last Buffalo Mass Mob held on March 23, 2014 drew more than 800 people to Saint John Kanty Church on the East Side. Danielle Huber, Buffalo Mass Mob Co-founder said, “The simplicity and beauty of the Buffalo Mass Mob has so many rewarding effects, both immediate and forthcoming. The motion creates emotion by filling the church with energy and excitement, as well as the coffers. The community, past and present worshipers, and priest begin believing in their neighborhoods as well as their place of worship again and the church develops funds to invest in the upkeep of the maintenance, structure, and architecture. Also, people visit and view neighborhoods and architecture that they may never have known existed in Western New York.”

Established in 1911, All Saints parish was formed to serve the growing Riverside neighborhood. The church is located at 127 Chadduck Avenue. (click here for directions)
Light refreshments will follow after Mass.

Buffalo Mass Mob’s goal is to bring attention to some of Buffalo’s beautiful and historic churches that need a boost and remind people how valuable they are to the urban fabric of the city. The Mass Mob gives the public an easy way to come and support a church by simply showing up for Mass. More information on Buffalo Mass Mob can be found at www.BuffaloMassMob.org.

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