Buffalo Mass Mob to Hold Rosary Mob May 10th at Saint Ann’s

Rosary Mob Buffalo

Buffalo Mass Mob is partnering with the Friends of Saint Ann’s to host a Rosary Mob outside of Saint Ann’s Church and Shrine at the corner of Broadway and Emslie in Buffalo on Saturday, May 10, 2014 starting at 10:00am.

Started in 2013, Buffalo Mass Mob has held three “Flash Mob” style events at inner city Catholic churches organized through social media and the internet. Mass Mob participants are asked to simply come worship at Sunday Mass to a designated church. The last Mass Mob held on March 23, 2014 at Saint John Kanty filled the church to near capacity. The organizers’ goal is to bring attention to some of Buffalo’s beautiful and historic churches needing support and remind people how valuable they are to the urban fabric of the city.

The Rosary Mob is a spinoff of the Mass Mob concept. Since Saint Ann’s Church is currently not allowed to hold any Masses, Buffalo Mass Mob thought it would be a great to further the group’s mission and to help bring the community together to show support for the ongoing efforts to save Saint Ann’s Church by praying the Rosary. Christopher Byrd, Buffalo Mass Mob Co-Founder, said, “Saint Ann’s was originally one of the churches we thought of when organizing the group. Working with the Friends of Saint Ann’s in doing a Rosary Mob will help raise awareness about this incredible church and efforts to save it. This is a great opportunity for the community to come show their support for Saint Ann’s.”

When Saint Ann’s Church closed in 2013, a group of people from the parish started saying the rosary outside the church every Saturday since rain, snow or shine. Supporters of Saint Ann’s won an appeal with the Vatican earlier this year to keep the church open as a house of worship. The Friends of Saint Ann’s want to work with the Buffalo Diocese to come up with a feasible plan to restore the church and opens its doors.

The Mass Mob movement, started in the Queen City, has been covered by the Associated Press, the New York Times and other media across the country and the world.  The concept has spread to New York, Rochester, Philadelphia, Cleveland, New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit and other cities.

More information on Buffalo Mass Mob and the Rosary Mob can be found at www.BuffaloMassMob.org.  More information about Saint Ann’s can be found at www.SaveSaintAnns.org.

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