Buffalo Mass Mob III: Saint John Kanty Church

1455909_664374233625841_269289072_n-001Buffalo Mass Mob III will take place on Sunday, March 23, 2014 in East Buffalo’s Historic Polonia at Saint John Kanty Church’s 10:30am Mass. The church was selected by public voting on the Buffalo Mass Mob website to host the event.

After the second Mass Mob here in Buffalo, the Associated Press published a story on the local movement. Since then, the story has been picked up by news and media outlets across the nation and internationally. The idea has captured the imagination of local Catholics and the Buffalo Mass Mob concept is starting to be duplicated by people in other cities such as New York, Rochester, Columbus, Cleveland, Wilmington and others. Greg Witul, Buffalo Mass Mob Co-Founder said, “It’s amazing that this little event started in Western New York has garnered national attention and is becoming a movement. Each one has taken this simple idea and adapted it to its own local. Some are using it as an organized fundraiser for a parish, while others are using it to evangelize, and still others are using it to expose people to churches of many denominations, all within the spirit of highlighting the nation’s beautiful but forgotten churches.”

Established in 1892, Saint John Kanty parish was formed as Buffalo’s Polonia grew eastward along the Broadway corridor with the explosion of the city’s Polish immigrant population. The church is located at Broadway and Brownell.

Buffalo Mass Mob’s goal is to bring attention to some of Buffalo’s beautiful and historic churches that need a boost and remind people how valuable they are to the urban fabric of the city.

The Mass Mob gives the public an easy way to come and support a church by simply showing up for Mass. More information on Buffalo Mass Mob can be found at www.BuffaloMassMob.org.

5 thoughts on “Buffalo Mass Mob III: Saint John Kanty Church

  1. i am so happy that these long forgotton beautiful churches are being recognized . it should be noted most have many services for neighborhood residents that are not as blessed as many. i will be there .

    1. Carol Pitas

      Please come and support St.Stanislaus, 123 Townsend. Desperately in need of young families also. Carol Pitas, Parishioner

  2. my wife Kathy and I will be there. Looking forward to seeing the inside once again and then traveling to a few of the other beautiful churches in the area.

  3. Sheryl Anderson

    I’m so happy to attend! Coming from Olean, 70 miles south of B’way-Brownell. Can’t stay long; after coffee I’m heading to Batavia for an accordion-player get-together at Roxy’s. I learned to play while living across St. John Kanty, at 58 Liddell back in the day …. took lessons at Art Kubera’s music store, anyone remember that?

    1. michael wesolek

      sheryl , i also took (piano ) lessons at art’s also . went to visitation church on e. lovejoy . its nice to see these things . hope to take my 97 year old aunt who i think was married there . mike

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