Next Buffalo Mass Mob will be 03/23/2014


These are the five churches who will potentially host Buffalo Mass Mob III on March 23, 2014: Holy Angels (West Side), Saint Anthony’s (Downtown), St. John Kanty Church (East Side Polonia), Saint Clare’s (The Valley) and St. Casimir Church (Kaisertown). Voting will begin on Monday, February 10th.

We will be profiling each church over the next week leading up to the vote.

Stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Next Buffalo Mass Mob will be 03/23/2014

      1. Suzanne Lazzara

        We can do tee shirts and donate money generated from the sale to the churches. I can arrange the shirts if nobody has done that yet.

  1. Old Catholic School Boy

    Very nice story! Even down here in NYC many Catholic schools are being closed. Now entire parishes are being shut down and merged. Churches sold. Catholic New York is fading away all over our state. Not one Catholic hospital left in all of NYC either.

  2. Mike Inman

    Have you found a way to invite former Catholics to take part in this? And possible to bring a non-Catholic friend that their might be an evangelistic aspect to this already beautiful experience?

  3. I’ll be the honest non-religious person here – I love this idea. My mom’s from Buffalo, my grandparents still live in Buffalo, and we have a long family history that spans in and around the area from the 1700 & 1800s. Approaching this from an architectural and historical standpoint is what drew me to reading the article (on Yahoo). I love old Catholic churches. They have a beauty and a history that I adore.

    I’m not sure what all is being provided to the “masses”, but it’d be really neat to see the Priest or older parishioners give a bit of history (say one was a home for orphans, or a sick house, etc.) or tour explaining the origins of the church, and the architecture.

    The parishioner points of view are endearing and give a good account of the times the grew up in; knowing that someone has been attending the same church for 50+ years adds a very personal touch to the story of a church. I’d love to read notes like that in the reports after the Mass Mob.

    Keep up the good work, I’d love to see this take hold in other cities and towns.

    1. Old Catholic School Boy

      Hello. Like you I’m not very religious but I attended Catholic schools for 12 years and you never really lose it. I’ll always identify as a Catholic. There is something warm and inviting about the older Catholic churches.

  4. Reblogged this on martha0stout and commented:
    When I first saw this in my mom’s newspaper yesterday I was intrigued. When I looked up this blog and read a bit about it, I was blown away. I am impressed with this idea and project. Our heritage, our past, is just as important as our future. If you don’t pay heed to your past then you will only repeat it. But the history of these churches is something that should be appreciated!

  5. Peggy Hagerty Pierce

    I grew up in Buffalo and left after college but I am a buffalonian. They come out of the woodwork! Since I grew up in Holy Angels, as did both my parents going back to 1890’s, I will vote for Holy Angels Church. Love the whole idea. I am in CT or I would try to b there

  6. Leda

    Lucky guys! There are more old beautiful Catholic churches in Buffalo in South Buffalo as there is Catholic churches in Richmond. I go to a historic church in Petersburg , VA . Love your site.

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