Thank You Buffalo!

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(Mass Mob Oragnizers Chris Byrd, Danielle Huber, Greg Witul and Alan Oberst)

Thank you Buffalo for making the Second Buffalo Mass Mob a huge success. We are literally humbled by the response to Buffalo Mass Mob.

Thanks Arthur Kogutowski for this wonderful photo!

The next Buffalo Mass Mob will take place in March 2014…stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Thank You Buffalo!

  1. Mary Missert

    Thanks to you who have organized this ! We started going to St. Ann’s Church and Shrine when Our Lady of Lourdes Church was closed. Baqck then,Father James Joyce,a wonderful and dynamic Jesuit priest,was having the Sat. afternoon MASS-often there were 6 of us there ( more attendance at the Sunday Mass,which he also said). By 2010,Father Butch Mazur ( ECMC hospital chaplin) was saying the one Sunday Mass. In between those years,Bishop Kmiec had arrived to run the Buffalo Diocese.

  2. Mary Missert

    having spent one million dollars ( or more) on St. Stan’s ( to be HIS bishop site), ( the Jesuit order having pulled Father Joyce out),Kmiec put St.Ann’s Church AND SHRINE under the supervision of Father Roy, ( who already was VERY ACTIVE running Sts.Brigid and Columba). It seems that Kmiec had already decided to NOT SUPPORT St. Ann’s,despite Sister Karen’s many activities,and a VERY ACTIVE choir and church group organizing important programs for members and neighborhood ministries.

  3. Mary Missert

    By 2009,the attendance at Sunday Mass was GROWING ! Even two buses of Toronto Catholics came down specifically to visit our East-side and Heritage churches ! But,it seemed that Kniec’s choice was to close this wonderful Church AND SHRINE !
    Of course,the parishoners bid to fix the steeple should be carried out ! Bishop Malone SHOULD support this CHURCH AND SHRINE as it is a TREASURE of Buffalo !

  4. Mary Missert

    We continue to say prayers so that this church will be reopened ! We’ll support your efforts as well ! Bishop Malone says that they’ll JUST move the Shrine ( !?!?! ) somewhere else ( SO AMBIGUOUS ! ) but how terrible for us Buffalonians and,especially,to the deceased who sacrificed so much to build St. Ann’s !

    Why can’t a collection be taken up at even diocesan church on one Sunday to support St.Ann’s ?!?! When St. Ann’s was a significant part of the neighborhood,collectionos were taken up and t

  5. Mary Missert

    given to the entire Buffalo diocese ! that money did not all stay JUST at St.Ann’s !
    Also, around Sept.17,2013,Pope Francis said that closed Catholic churches and property should NOT be turned into condos,etc.-they should be converted into refugee centers ! I notified the Bishop of this,but got no reply ! Please keep up your efforts for St. Ann !

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